Nov 5, 2023

KVLR Joins Occult

Warm Welcome: KVLR Enriches Occult Agency's Roster

We are pleased to announce that the skilled artist, KVLR, has joined the roster of Occult. Originating from Hamburg and now honing his craft in the vibrant city of Berlin, KVLR is renowned for his rhythm-oriented sound that unmistakably reverberates with the zest of the early 2000s.

His musical oeuvre seamlessly melds raw rhythm with delicate dub and disco elements, creating an auditory ambiance that enlivens any room. The unique concoction of rhythmic patterns he brings forth resonates nostalgically with yesteryears, while simultaneously embracing a contemporary zest that captivates modern audiences.

With KVLR joining the fold, Occult Agency further diversifies its rich array of talented artists, promising a refreshing rhythmic venture that we are eager to embark upon.

Should you wish to immerse in the rhythmical world of KVLR, we invite you to extend your booking inquiries to Jamal at