Sánchez Jr.

Since 2014 Sánchez Jr. begins his journey as a DJ and producer, settling in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. He is co-founder of the renowned brand @doombogota and @foredoomrecords. With releases on major labels such as Shlømo’s Taapion, Out Rage from Germany, TheAbove Records from Netherlands, Falsive Records, Dusk from France, Expel Your Demons from UK, Innergate from Georgia, Tholos from UK, Gomboc Records, Deestricted, Flesh and Hammers, Definition Of Hard Techno.

Sánchez Jr. has been entitled as one of the most important artists in Colombia, having performed at Monasterio Moscow Fest in Russia, RSO club in Berlin for the renowned party SYNOID, Blackworks in Madrid, Tresor in Berlin, Clube Dos Lenhadores in São Paulo, Bratislava, Krakow, Leuven, Quito, Santiago de Chile, DOOM Bogotá and Baum Festival in Colombia. His music has been played by medium and large artists such as Kobosil, Rebekah, Paula Temple, Shlomo, Cassie Raptor, CLTX, SNTS, Noneoftheabove, Tham, Charlie Sparks, Charlotte de Witte, Sara Landry, Mython, Giselle Guedes, among others.


Bogotá, Colombia