Lifka is a Berlin-based techno DJ, producer, and hardware live act. Whether it’s a live performance or a DJ set, the combination of driving grooves, hammering basslines, trance elements, and emotional melodies leads to serious dancefloor action.

With his recent hardware-only live performance for Boiler Room and his releases on Voxnox Records, EXHALE, Space Trax, and more under his belt he celebrates the immediacy and energy of his machines, maneuvering from light to shadow, from gentle to hard. Masterfully crafted sounds weave their way into a galactic tapestry in which you want to lose yourself. Slowly fading electronic pads form the background, gently crashing over each other like waves and strapped together by dark, driving percussions and drums. Lifka holds a residency at the renowned PAL nightclub in Hamburg, he is part of the occult family and regularly presents his sound visions in clubs across Europe – creating an ever-changing, energetic and hypnotic force.