JOLY is a French based visual jockey and artist. Influenced by the neverending universe of underground cinema, she develops her style by offering new perspectives on iconic or forgotten scenes from movies that have built her artistic taste, oscillating on the border of experimental cinema.

Hailing from the northern city of Lille, her ambitious project has led her to play as a resident VJ for clubs in Barcelona, showcasing her unique talent and work to some of Europe’s most notorious parties.

She has also played in events by promoters such as Adroit in Zürich, Techglow in Rotterdam, Elements in Amsterdam, Dusk Record in Paris, as well as Les Jardins Électroniques in Lille for artists such as Klangkuenstler, Nastia, ØTTA, VCL, UF095, Cera Khin and many more… 

Having also participated in live streams during the pandemic, such as HEX Transmission and RAW : Escape From Reality 2’s series, JOLY’s peculiar and eye-catching visuals add a whole new dimension to the world of Techno, creating a unique and strong link between audio and visual.


Lille, France